"Without Saying a Word"

Within minutes of the Behaviorist arrival he will own your dog and your house. Meaning, your dog will have direct eye contact and will obey all commands communicating through body language and energy. The Behaviorist will at this time teach your dog not to exit the house while the door is left open and will not leave until permission is granted, and will address two issues such as high energy and any other unacceptable trait and immediately change that behavior into an acceptable response.
Then you will be explained how to is get an immediate response from your dog and teach you how to do the same by learning to communicate with your dog at the dog's level of understanding. You will also be assisted you in understanding how a dog processes it's understanding through their eyes of perception,
By the end of the Evaluation you will be advised on what issues the dog has and how many sessions it will take to finalize the rehabilitation to make your dog a calm and happy and listens to every request you may have in need
of by using the methods of communication.
The Evaluation is a far cry from any other experiences you may have endured through other "so called trainers or limited behaviorist" who use treats and a high pitched voice which only transfers more unwanted energy into your dog. The Evaluation is worth every penny if not more.
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